“See The New Method Kidnappers Now Use” – Nigerian Police Issues New Warning

The Nigerian Police has issued a new warning to the general populace as regards the latest method used by kidnappers.
In a statement given by the police public relations officer, Zone 2 command, SP Dolapo Badmos, the police warned of a new style of getting victims being employed by the kidnappers.
The statements reads;
“Please if any one send credit to you and the person later calls you that it was a mistake that you should send it back to them.
If you send it back, they will still call you to ask for more details about you that they want to appreciate what you did and pray for you.”
“Do not listen to such and give out your details please. Its a new gimmick that kidnappers are now using to get victims.”
“Please let’s take caution and be careful in our day to day activities in order not to fall victim.”

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