Shocking Devices Used By Chinese Students To Cheat During Exams(photos)

Chinese authorities are exposing cheating devices used in the country’s university entrance exams in a bid to stop them from being used.
Photos show wireless devices disguised as watches, belts and erasers.This year 9.4 million students are taking the exam dubbed one of ‘the world’s most difficult examinations.’
A wireless device disguised as a watch is showed off in Shanxi, China.
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This wireless device is disguised as a belt and allows students to have answers sent to them.
Earpieces are pictured during a presentation to media showing methods used to cheat.
A staff member operates a system to detect wireless activities in examination venues
A police officer uses a wireless signal detector to detect possible transmission in examination venues.
When the Exam is so hard that you make sure you are still alive or not.
So we Nigerians are learners where china the steal for exam.
Meanwhile this is us :

A police officer monitors examination venues as students sit for China’s college exams.

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