Check out some Nigerian delicacies you should try out this weekend!

These dishes will have you asking yourself if going hungry as opposed to losing such beauties to your belly is such a bad idea.
Feast your eyes.

This bowl of Afang soup well decorated with some yummy delicious toppings

Vegetables have never looked this good.

Who would have thought Akara could result in such a breath-taking presentation?

Who would’ve thought Akara will be presented in such manner?

Ever been able to get your okra soup to look this good?

An unbelievably nice bowl of okra soup

This amazing bowl of noodles that looks too good to be true

Indomie noodles to be precise.

These toothpicks are a nice little addition

Perfection, also known as snails!

This moi-moi combination

Imagine the combination

Whoever made this deserves a special place in heaven

Dodo is bae!

The the almighty Jollof

Jollof rice that slays

Can we talk about that amazing ponmo?

This is gorgeous!


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