Funny facial expressions of Donald Trump everyone will relate to

U.S President, Donald Trump has been giving us some bomb faces during his campaign up till when he became president – and we can’t help but relate to them.
Here are just a few.

When you’re about to answer the only question you’ve ever known the answer to and the class ‘oversabi’ beats you to it

Fuck You, bitch!

When the lecturer asks why you’re so late to class

What it look like?

When that renowned liar starts with another fake gist

Na so bros, we believe you.

When bae calls you hot

Oh, stop it you!

When a ‘corporate beggar’ starts telling you stories that touch

Is that so? Guy, I’m poorer than you

When you’ve spent over six hours waiting for an interview to start and someone comes out to tell you it’s been postponed

It’s just life.

When that ‘oversabi’ tells you your hairstyle is old

Thank you Aunty, but who asked you?

When your parents say ‘Is there anything you’ve asked for we haven’t given you?’


When CNN tweets something you don’t like

Twitter finger activated.


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