“You sell your body to old men, exploit everyone for money” Angry fan blasts Chika Ike, threatens to unleash damaging reports

Someone somewhere is not happy with Nollywood actress Chika Ike, especially now that she has joined the league of the prestigious Harvard scholars!
In a funny twist today, an Instagram user woke up angry and the anger is directed at none other than Chika.
A series of similar comments have been circulating on different posts on Instagram targeted at the actress who is presently campaigning for the third edition of African Diva reality show.

Chika Ike…
According to the Instagram who opened a brand new account to perpetrate this act, the actress is a fake uncouth girl whose source of income is basically the exploitation of rich men.
From where we stand, it seems the actress has unwittingly stepped on the toes of this writer who made it known that in the course of exploiting men for money workers of the ‘men in question’ are already tired of Chika’s antics!

The obviously angry commenter also stated that Chika Ike’s supposed admission to Harvard is another of her antics, a way of ‘begging’ money from a particular minister and a Senator, meanwhile many have contributed to fund the course.
“Very soon, the name of the men will be published…” the threat in that statement can be heard from miles away, but is Chika Ike bothered by this? Most likely not.

It was also states that the African Diva show is China’s way of exploiting poor people on one side, while exploiting rich men on the other side.
“She is a very cheap girl, fake life, fake accent…” The post ended!
It is clear that this is a post of beef, Chika should watch her back, someone is not happy with her.


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